State and Local Tax SALT

  • Audit Representation: We work with state tax auditors on behalf of clients to minimize assessments, maximize refunds, and abate penalties as required.
  • Business Incentives and Tax Credits: We identify beneficial jurisdictions and incentive programs tailored to each client’s specific scenario.
  • Compliance Review: We determine the most efficient state return filing process to reduce tax liability and avoid compliance penalties.
  • Due Diligence Reviews: We assess SALT compliance levels to identify potential exposure or refund opportunities.
  • Taxability Matrix: We ascertain whether our clients’ products or services are subject to sales tax in specific state(s).
  • Nexus Review: We identify exposure or refund opportunities and the need to collect and remit sales taxes.
  • Tax Planning: We develop and implement tax planning strategies to reduce state tax obligations.
  • Incentives and Credit Review: We identify credit and incentive opportunities and assist with compliance required to qualify for them.
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDA): We evaluate and negotiate with the taxing authority to minimize state tax exposure.